Ep. 69: 70 min Level 1-2 Yoga Class- Take a Moment To Stay Steady

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May 18 2009 77 mins  

Always doing SO many things at once.

I know for myself it is very rare that I do just ONE thing at a time. Now being a Mom, it becomes even harder. The mind races from one place to the next, things become so cluttered and often times takes us away from our center. Practicing some asana and taking even just a few moments to pause quietly and feel can give us so much access to the vast wealth of steadiness that we all posses. When we see that steadiness, when we find the Center, we can make better and better choices regarding our lives, our health, our relationships and how we choose to step into the world. Let's practice together!

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This week's class is an uptempo Level 1-2 Yoga Class.

You are more than welcome to use props, especially blocks for poses like Trikonasana. I also really love to have a blanket by so I can sit on it during the centering at the beginning of class :)