Ep. 71: 75 min Level 1-2 Yoga Class- Agni in Body, Mind, and Breath

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Jun 15 2009 83 mins  

The Power of Fire Hunter and I got the opportunity to see fire at it's most powerful, as it blazed across the street from our home. I was in awe of watching it burn. I had a visceral reaction to the flames, as I felt it's strength and felt it's power of destruction deep into my bones. As much as this fire was destroying the building across the street, I also new that it was transforming not only the building, but the entire neighborhood. In Ayurveda, fire or Agni, is incredibly important. It is this fire that maintains and sustains optimal vibrant health...when it's in alignment :) Listen to this week's yoga podcast and practice along to connect with your inner fire in body, mind and breath :) Love the Feedback! email me- eyogaclass (at) gmail (dot) com leave me a message- 310 651 6238 (I'd love to play you guys on the episodes! Plus you can promote your stuff that way!) or comment on www.elsiesyogakula.com :)