Ep. 72: 1 hour Beginner Yoga Class- July 4th How Clear Is Your Heart To Reflect Freedom?

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Jul 07 2009 68 mins  

This week's Yoga Class Online is a beginner yoga class Declare Your Freedom I had the opportunity to teach a yoga class at this year's Annual Mensa Gathering in Pittsburgh! It was quite an exciting experience. It's always such a treat to teach outside of the yoga studio, and it's also very exciting not knowing who is going to be showing up :) I was thrilled to see a pretty good outcome of between 20-25 people. The majority of them did not have yoga mats and quite a few of them weren't wearing what we would call 'yoga clothing'. You see, none of this matters. The practice can be done anywhere, no props nor specific attire needed! How Do Your Choices Reflect Optimal Freedom? This yoga class is what I would call a beginners class. Although one does not need to be a beginner to practice it. We as practitioners can bring complexity to any class as we choose to step deeper into it's nuances and continue to make more meaning with every breath and every movement. Something simple can be ever so fulfilling and can become a gift to all of us who choose to pull the meaning of our hearts into it :D Let me know your thoughts! Enjoy the practice! This week's Yoga Class Online is a beginner yoga class Leave me feedback 310 651 6238 email me eyogaclass(at)gmail(dot)com