Ep. 75: 32 min Immune System Relaxation And Imagery- Keep the flu away!

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Dec 16 2009 38 mins  

Hello All! Here's a new one towards the end of the year! I know I know! It so has been forever. I will now officially stop apologizing. Here's all I have to say about my lack of posts...Hunter.

If you don't know who that is..that's my 14 month old daughter. Anyway, This week's episode came about from a lot of your requests for some more meditation/relaxation type stuff. I decided to put this little imagery relaxation to strengthen the immune system as a little treat to get you through the flu season!

How about them apples?

The music that you hear in the background is by the talented Vic Hennegan off his CD Desert God and the song is called Gaya.

The whole thing runs about about 32 minutes all together. Give it a go and let me know your thoughts! Oh and I'm already editing episode 76! and guess what...a level 2 class :) yipeee!

thoughts and feedback: eyogaclass(at)gmail.com or call 310 651 6238! hugs and kisses all!