Ep 92: Level 2 90 Minute Class, Home Equals Heart

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Nov 15 2011 91 mins  

I've been at home A LOT lately.

My body has gone through a pretty massive transformation since giving birth, as it should, since it facilitaded an entire new human being to come out! My goodness does that still keep me in awe. It floors me when I think of what this body is capable of. If something is magical, it's our bodies :)

I'm also keenly aware that as magical and intuitive as it is it MUST be nurtured.

I had my sacrum/si completely go out on me about 4 weeks postpartum. Thank God my parents were here visiting at that time. I could barely get out of bed, let alone pick up my infant daughter! It was rough. No amount of yoga therapy instantanously 'healed' me. In fact, the simple act of sitting and standing was excruciating.

It was then that I learned, um...RE-learned that yoga is not about the poses.

The gifts that yoga has given me have nothing to do with the poses, but with the simple and all powerful discovery of being, breathing and feeling. This discovery comes from the un-abiding choice recognize and honor Home.

What is Home?

Have you heard "Home is where the heart is?"

I think Home is the Heart.

Yoga didn't give me extra super powers. Yoga hasn't made my life any easier. I still have to address important issues, deal with stress, navigate financial woes, and experience physical pain! Ugh. That is sucky :(


the practice of yoga facilitated my recognition of Home aka my Heart, and when that happens living becomes simpler, still challenging, still unpredictable, still difficult, but simple. It seems contradictory huh?

And therein lies the magic ;)

The practice of Home, developing a yoga practice at home, sustaining a yoga practice at home begins in the Heart.

Are you up for that?

Practice along :) or even simply listen along.

Let me know if Home became clearer to you and in what ways? I'd love to hear from you! WANNA GET ALL THE EXTRA TREATS? Sign up for my Newsletter :)