Ep 95 40 min Level 2-3 Yoga Class I'm Fine Thanks

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Jun 13 2012 46 mins  

How Are You…Really?

How many times has someone asked you “how are you?” and you mindlessly say “I’m fine, thanks.”

When you are not.

When I say, you are not, I don’t mean that you just had someone you love die, or you just lost your home, or your job, or you just found our your beloved was cheating on you…I mean “you are not,” because you don’t actually know anymore.

“I’m fine, thanks” is something we say countless times and most of those times, we don’t even think about it.

Our mouths answer before we even truly think about what we are saying.

It really isn’t that your life sucks.

In fact it’s probably a nice life.

There are ‘things’ that aren’t perhaps what you wish they were…but hey, you have tons of things that other people don’t…a place to live, friends, a decent partner…blah blah blah.

At least that’s what you tell yourself. BUT there is something in your belly, a slight little feeling, that your life isn’t where it’s meant to be.

It’s that feeling that you only feel when everything around you gets quiet.

When the world stops in between each breath.

When you notice the quiet in between each breath.

Which doesn’t happen too often ;)

I bring this up because this yoga class episode was inspired by an amazing project by Adam Baker called “I’m Fine, Thanks.” It’s a VERY important life changing project that all of you should be aware of and consider donating to.


For Some Complacency = Death



If I would not have made the choices that I made in the fall of 2007 I would in no way be as alive as I am right now.

I feel it in my bones that my health would have suffered greatly.

I am 100% certain that I would not be a mother.

I didn’t have a horrible life, in fact from the outside it looked just peachy. I looked just peachy. I sounded just peachy.

But in between the breaths, I was not.

The following class is an opportunity to practice stepping deeper into your heart, and ask yourself “how are you?”

And answer yourself truly, in the privacy of your own mat, in your own practice.

The class itself is not particularly challenging in terms of the poses, but it is slow deliberate and I don’t teach from the ground up. You’ll get the most of the yoga class if you already have a practice, simply because you get an opportunity to forget the ‘poses’ and make it more about a moving meditation.

Let me know how it goes!