Playful Vinyasa Sequence Video

Feb 14 2008 3 mins  

A fun and inventive short vinayasa sequence, which is actually done in Episode 33

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I keep telling you guys this, but I'm still not teaching publicly, so I cannot post any new yoga classes for you guys :( But I do have one that I just found!!! I just have to take more pics for it, as there are some things that are new, and may be a bit confusing ;) but fun, fun, fun!

I hope to get an actual class up next week! Yipee!!!

So, my way of kinda dealing with this issue is providing you all with some of my prior content on the feed so that those of you who are subscribed can get these videos delivered right to your computer!

I do hope that you enjoy these!

You can listen to it's birth ;) in Episode 33. Enjoy!