Salute the Sun Easily-A short Beginner Video

Mar 14 2008 4 mins  
Yeay! Salute the Sun Easily!


Where has Elsie gone to you ask? Well, getting swallowed up by the Pittsburgh winter, if you must know :(

I have been unable to even have an opportunity to practice regularly let alone find somewhere to teach. It's been a very challenging for me now that I have a full time 9-5 job. I now spend all of that time infront of a computer! And it's been so cold and dreary that I have not wanted to step into anything other than my yummy home and sleep.

I have become a bear that happens to work on the internet for a living ;)

I will be back, fully at some point. I just cannot, in all honesty and integrity tell you when this will happen, and when I do I guarantee that it will be a much different Elsie! That's all I gotta say...

I created this video to a fellow internet buddy, Nick Schmidt. We met randomly through online community and he asked me to teach him a little bit of yoga, and I did...with this little video.

Simple, short and precise. A great way to get your yoga practice in even if you only have 5 minutes :) I usually add music and all that jazz, and I may in the future, but I just quickly edited this puppy and decided to publish. To get something out for y'all!!!

Would love to hear your feedback! I would love to hear from you guys all the way around. You guys have now become my only connection to the Kula. How very ironic that Elsie's Yoga Kula is now fueled by you guys. I love it! This is what it's all about!

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