010: Decision Making Is Hard

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Jan 26 2016 34 mins  

How do you make decisions? Recent conversations have revealed the usefulness of having litmus tests and standards for filtering decisions and priority-making.

It reminded me of an illustration Kendra Smiley shares in her books High-Wire Mom and Do Yourself a Favor, Love Your Spouse. I love sharing her idea and keeping it in mind when I'm trying to figure out what's best for my family. Marriage and parenting are hard and figuring out that magic "balance" seems nearly impossible. It's weird that this got especially challenging when I decided to leave full-time work and stay home with the kids more.

I think understanding priorities and decision making and what works and what doesn't is a life long process. But I know all of it has made way more sense since I've figured out the Truth of the Gospel. When I understood that I wasn't earning my salvation - that God wasn't keeping a record of my wrongs - my perspective totally changed. It was like the veil was removed. The Gospel - Jesus has fulfilled the law and died for my sins - gives me liberty to love and forgive and serve in ways that didn't make sense before. Life isn't about needing to cross all my t's and dot my i's anymore. Now it's about seeing how God is working in my marriage and parenting and friendships.

[caption id="attachment_1222" align="aligncenter" width="720"]What are you looking at to make decisions and set priorities? What are you looking at to make decisions and set priorities?[/caption]

Because of this Matthew 6:21 doesn't make me squirmy anymore. My treasure is in Jesus.

"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."