011: My World Revolves Around Me!

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Feb 01 2016 33 mins  

I've been thinking a lot lately about the right way to approach Scripture. I'm becoming more and more aware of how we make everything about US - including the Bible. Yes, the Bible delivers the message of our salvation. But the Bible is about God. He is the main character and the plot twists and main ideas are all centered around Him. Not us. In this podcast I make profound statements like:

Let's make Bible studies that teach us about God. Not about us.

The world does not revolve around us. The world revolves around our Lord and Savior.

The Lutheran church doesn't require you say a magic phrase to be saved.

Most of the people in the Old Testament are a mess.

Christians are sinners.

I know can you believe how cutting edge this stuff is?

Other cutting edge things you might want the links to since I included them in my shockingly truthful podcast....

Just and Sinner podcast How to Change the Culture

When it gets posted I'll put Pastor Meyer's sermon on here where he talks about God's Facebook Timeline.

1 Corinthians 12:3 -No one can say Jesus is Lord except in the Holy Spirit.

A brief overview of Arminianism on Got Questions.org.

Books I recommend for straightening out what is Biblical and what is Lutheran (those are the same thing btw ;) -

The Way of Salvation in the Lutheran Church by G.H. Gerberding

Spirituality of the Cross by Gene Veith

I talk about moralism on today's show and I guess I'm really thinking more specifically of legalism. Either way, here's a link that talks more about how that looks.

Story of Abigail - with actually accurate details. Sorry I butchered it in the show.

Some of the people I can blame for finding out how me-centered women's studies are - Lisa Cooper, Lewis Polzin

Me-centered approach vs. God-centered approach might look like this:

Why is this happening to me?! (complete with whiny voice) vs. Is God using this to point to Him? (complete with mature thoughtful voice)

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