013: Don't Be A Loser: Pray, Confess

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Feb 16 2016 30 mins  

In an effort to be uplifting today instead of super heavy (it IS February after all; in the Midwest that means we are all struggling to go on with our lives because the sun hasn't shined in 3 months), I ran across this post I did awhile back called 10 Steps When You Feel Like a Loser.

Turns out talking about these in detail only brought us through steps 1-3 and then I had to stop and start another episode. (I'm attempting to be consistent with the length of the episodes and keep them around 30 minutes or less.) Anyway, this episode covered thankfulness and confession. It also includes discussion about how "gratitude journals" are all the rage and they worry me.

Solid Scripture in here. This episode includes the following:

I Thessalonians 5:18

Colossians 3:15-17

James 1:17

Philippians 4:6

In the segment on Confession I get far enough to reference Bo Giertz' book To Live with Christ which I can recommend enough. Also this bit from the LCMS and also Luther's Small Catechism. Check those out.

Also I have a smidge of intermission music from Monty Python. :)

The next show will finish up our list. More Scripture, more of my rants and encouragement. See you then!

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