024: God's Plan: Is Happiness A Factor?

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Jul 06 2016

The topic of God's Plan for our lives is a complicated one. It opens up all sorts of roads of discussion about fate, destiny, happiness, grief, and intention. The reason I'm doing a show (shows actually) about it is because I think there is soo much mis-information about it and the way we casually talk about it doesn't take into consideration what God's word actually says.

On the other hand, let me be clear that I am not God and I don’t know anything! If I’ve learned anything about the Bible it’s all the times God says, guess what, I don’t do things like you and you can’t understand my ways and you need to get over it.

Honestly I think topics like this can be covered better in poetry and music. All the nuances, the paradoxes, the truths and realities.. it feels less like theology and more like poetry. And in this case, I say in the show, that I know I won't be answering many questions. In fact, I probably raise more than I explain. This show is like a big dining room table with a bunch of papers and items and newspaper clippings and Bible passages and some mementos on it. And we are sorting through them to see what we like and we what we don’t like. What we want to keep and what we need to throw away because it’s just taking up space in our brains and on our facebook feeds and it needs to be weeded out.

And after it's over we will probably have to do it again in a few other shows bc this topic is that huge.

Links include:

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Meme in question:

What Does the Bible Say about Joy? - at openbible.info ( I said it wrong on the podcast!)

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