027: Honest Questions About Sin & Reality

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Aug 25 2016 35 mins  

Theology is interesting to me because I like to get to the crux of things. Analyze the snot out of them. (It's a gift. Sortof.) Hence I like critical thinking. Asking questions, finding answers. Good stuff. Which is why I'm digging deeper in this episode and asking some questions that I think probably a lot of people have but we don't talk much about. Like "Why is a sacrifice necessary to redeem us from sin?", "Is sin really that big of a deal?", and "Won't we all just go to heaven in the end?"

All of this leads me to say controversial things in this episode like:

  • The Bible is not centrally about love.
  • I need a religion that is not at its core about me.
  • Why did Jesus have to die?
  • Is sin inconsequential?
  • Let's talk about the concept of the 2 kingdoms...
  • A perfect holy God means any blemish separates us from Him.
  • Any sin we commit is a reflection of our rebellion against God.
  • We cannot sin against God and expect to be at peace with Him for eternity.

I'd love to hear what you think.

The next episode will dive into the threefold office of Christ so check that one out next!

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