028: Jesus is More - Prophet, Priest, and King

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Aug 31 2016 32 mins  

We are layered people. Not one-dimensional like the people on sitcoms.

Me. My husband. The grocery store clerk. Everyone.

Jesus too.

There's way more to Him than I tend to think.

He's layered like an onion - just like us.

One way for us to unpeel the layers is to look at how Christ fulfills the 3 offices of prophet, priest, and king. This is called the threefold office of Jesus Christ and enlightens us on WHO God is, WHAT Jesus does, and HOW the Old Testament is totally tied into the New Testament.

Defining prophet, priest, and king is important since the meanings now are different than the way the Bible uses them. I did this with the help of Google, a book by Henry Jacobs called Elements of Religion, and Scripture. Here are some of my links:

Elements of Religion

About prophets

About priests

Deuteronomy 18:18

Isaiah 53:5

John 1:49

story of the woman at the well

I hope this episode was useful to you! Drop me a line and let me know what you think. I'm looking for feedback on whether this was too basic or actually useful or boring or condescending etc. Thanks so much for listening!

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