33: Without This Ring, A Conversation with Donna Pyle

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Dec 06 2016 57 mins  

When I opened Donna Pyle's book Without This Ring: Surviving Divorce to prepare for our interview, I was not prepared for how powerful her story and guidance would be. Silly of me since I'm a big fan of Donna's and I know she brings authenticity and practicality to the pages of her writing! But her raw story struck a chord with me thinking back to broken moments in my own marriage. I'm not divorced - by the grace of God - and God has brought much healing to my own relationship. Evenso, Donna's story and the things she learned resonated so much with me. All of this made interviewing her even more powerful for me.

Donna's book seeks to present various perspectives and issues for divorcees and help the reader see Christ centered steps towards hope and healing. She does a great job. I highly recommend the book and I have no doubt if you listen to this show - whether you are going through a divorce or not - you will glean much from our talk. I tried to touch on points that will be helpful for those facing divorce as well as the community of people who love them. Our conversation included the following topics:

  • God hates divorce; does he hate me?
  • Divorce is traumatic.
  • Give grace to hurting people.
  • The case for counseling.
  • Obedience is necessary and incredibly useful.
  • FORGIVENESS! It's possible and not what you think.

Find Donna here at Artesian Ministries and find the book here on Amazon and here at CPH. Pick it up today for yourself or a friend.

Also in this show I reference 2 podcast episodes that were inspired by Donna:

Messy Circumstances, Messy Conversations Part I

Messy Circumstances, Messy Conversations Part II

As well as my first episode on sexual assault, with a series of episodes to follow in the coming months.

Thanks for listening! I hope this interview was a blessing to you. Share with your friends!

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