35: God Here With Me

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Jan 11 2017 32 mins  

How is God WITH me? Recently when I was trying to clarify what my podcast and blog are all about, I ended up with a chart.

It's been pretty helpful in reminding me of all that God offers me and how I have access to those things in the incredible physical world he has created.

This episode focuses in on those 5 means of grace in the middle. Listen to the show and decide whether I'm a heretic or not. Also, I go on a rant about all the crazy things people are saying on the internet that we kindof like the sound of - "claiming my marriage for God!" but that don't really make that much sense and can lead us down a dangerous path of looking inward instead of to God. I agree being conscious of our sins and issues is helpful, but just because I write it down on a notecard doesn't mean God is going to "fix" it the way I want Him to. Just sayin.

During the show I said I'd have more links in the show notes to other shows/blogposts about these topics. Here they are:

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Thanks for listening!

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