36: The Problem with Women's Bible Studies

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Jan 21 2017 46 mins  

Women's Bible studies are a surprisingly controversial topic in Christian conversations. You'd think they would be a no-brainer, but instead it can be divisive and complicated.

In today's episode I address the elephant in the room when it comes to popular authors like Beth Moore and Sara Young and what place they should and shouldn't have in Bible based churches. I explain the problematic theology that pops up in women's groups around the country and also why it IS so attractive. We look at a list of suggested criteria for vetting a Bible study you might use and I have some tips for leaders too.

Suggested guidelines:

  1. Ask your pastor for suggestions and/or to vet the resource you are considering.
  2. Does the material frame the conversation around a theology of the cross? Or a theology of glory?
  3. What role does Scripture play? Is the Bible a book of rules or the story of our rescue?
  4. There should be law AND Gospel both. So something about sin and also something about Jesus saving us from that sin. What is the suggested answer to the sin problem? [red flags]
  5. Does author distinguish between passive righteousness and active righteousness?
  6. Does the study see Jesus as a coach? A magic helper? Or a Savior?
  7. What is the author’s view of the Means of Grace? Is the author anti-sacramental?

The links:

Lisa Cooper's paper - "An Evaluation of Beth Moore's The Patriarchs study in View of the Two Kinds of Righteousness"

Lisa's List - Evaluating Christian Women's Bible Studies

Katie Schuermann

Heidi Goehmann

Donna Pyle

Oh I forgot to mention on the show that the CPH LifeLight studies are a good solid study of Scripture. Not gender-specific, just for all believers!

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