42: Grace & Consequence in Real Life

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Apr 25 2017 41 mins  

In which I take a few minutes to welcome the new listeners, and talk about why the church needs to be talking more about mental health. Then I tackle the concept of GRACE in our parenting and in our dealings with other humans (not God).

Here's the post from Intentional Moms that includes me on a list of best podcasts for Moms!

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Last week's blog post about depression got a decent amount of traffic and seemed to resonate with many people.

Then I did a podcast about it where I focus more on the role of God's promises in my valley.

Bottom line: Don't tell depressed people they just need to pray more. We all need to pray more.


When the Bible uses the word 'grace' it tends to be talking about the Grace of God. So I define grace a few different ways and then mention how dead we were in our sin.

link to movie scene on youtube

Ephesians 2:4-10 comes into play and so does Hebrews 4:16

Bottom line on grace and parenting: We can show mercy and grace to our kids while still having them face the consequences of their behavior.

Bottom line on grace and the rest of our relationships: Our challenge as Christians is to model healthy relationships where we aren't acting as if there are no consequences for anything, but still live lives that reflect forgiveness, compassion, and love. That we recognize what a good thing 'boundaries' can be, but also when we make those boundaries we do not build them out of anger and resentment. And that we are willing to move boundaries as our relationships grow, heal, and develop.

Reminder: I am not a professional. :) I just have a lot of opinions and I spend a decent amount of time in Scripture trying to figure out how all this fits together.

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