43: Life & Scripture: Rich & Complicated

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May 11 2017 28 mins  

In today's episode I ponder the richness and complicated-ness (is that a word?) of life. Between feeling vulnerable, having to push through the drudgery of a tough weekend... to the joy of watching people fulfill their vocations effectively. And then I start talking about the richness and nuances of Scripture and how I'm learning so much about that in class right now.

The second part is mostly about that and how there are various ways we can approach Scripture looking for meaning. What we bring with us to the table - our questions and life experiences and ideas - all factor into how we understand the meaning we get out of Bible passages. The theory behind how you interpret Scripture is called hermeneutics - that's the class I'm taking this semester. It's pretty great.

Anyway, the hermeneutic we use to approach Scripture needs to be *the finished work of Christ on the cross.* When it is, then we can better see all of Scripture fit together to make sense concerning God and us and how all this rich, complicated stuff runs together.

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