44: Parents Aren't Perfect

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May 17 2017 29 mins  

Things I'm thinking about this week...

  • Mother's Day can be hard.
  • Some parents are toxic.

So I talk about both of these things. Why we should consider being sensitive about Mother's Day, in case you are oblivious that reality exists for some. It would be easy for me to be clueless about it as a mom and someone who still has her mom. But I have friends who really struggle!

Also something that has been on my radar lately is adults who are really struggling with their own parents. Why is this such a place of contention for so many people?! I guess it shouldn't be a mystery, but I break down some of the reasons it's a tough issue and also talk about what we can possibly do about it.

Links include:



and Bonus Link I didn't talk about, but that made me really think, as a parent myself -

6 things you shouldn't say to your kids - http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/28/adult-children-parenting_n_1916536.html

God is a God of comfort and refers to himself as a Father frequently in Scripture. A few verses that I note can be helpful as we wrestle with all this:

Isaiah 64:8

Psalm 68:5

James 1:17


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