48: God Is in the Business of Restoration

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Sep 19 2017 34 mins  

You don't have to listen to 46: My Christ and My Chaos episode before you listen to this one, but this show technically is a response to that episode. Seriously it's won't ruin the experience, but I thought I should mention it.

The Mess

In that show, I talk about "the mess" and how it seems like a popular topic. That we are all "a mess." There's like a hot-mess spectrum now. Are you on it? I think we probably all feel like we are on it at least some of the time. But after talking about that in episode 46, I got a lot of responses and so it seemed worth re-visiting. As a listener pointed out, God isn't all about leaving messes in the world. He's about restoration and healing!

So I talk through questions that have arisen about authenticity, problem-solving, and the specifics of what it means to be "a mess." Personally, I find it helpful to get into the weeds and the details. I need perspective and help processing so I do benefit from talking through things.

Even so, we have to guard against getting stuck wallowing around in the mess. What ABOUT the restoration? Is that even a part of God's promises?

The Solutions

It IS important for us to talk solutions. How are people working through their messes? What does that look like? I suspect one reason this doesn't get as much attention is because the healing process can be long and gradual and there are fewer fireworks usually.

And how are Lutherans approaching all this? Are they looking for healing? What does Scripture say about healing and solutions in this lifetime?

Romans 6:23

Romans 6:4

Romans 12

Colossians (the whole book!)

I think there is lots of Scriptural proof that God is here all along the way - changing us on the ground in the trenches. We should be looking for restoration and healing around us. It's there. It's happening. It's real.

The Gospel is multifaceted. But the bottom line is that the Gospel isn't dependent on our own faithfulness. It's a gift from God.


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