49: What Does the Gospel Package Include?

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Sep 29 2017 37 mins  

Is theology relevant to everyday life? Of course! That's why I'm here. She Finds Truth is all about finding the truth of how Scripture applies to our lives.

The Bible is a story about who God is and about how He created man and then man abused the order of things God had set up, but God was merciful and full of compassion and love THE ENTIRE JOURNEY. From the very beginning, He had a plan in mind for how man would be able to experience His gifts including the reason they were created which was for fellowship with GOD.

The best scenario for our lives is to have fellowship with God. And even though we are not worthy and we have repeatedly messed up this relationship from the beginning, God has pursued us through it all. He has time and time again created ways and opportunities for us to have fellowship with Him despite our sinful selves …. And that all culminates in the death and resurrection of His son who is sent to crush the head of Satan and fulfill the intentions God had from the very beginning for us.

Today when I was stressing about life, I knew I needed to rest in His Word. So I flipped through the Psalms and I landed at Psalm 61...

Psalm 61

Psalm 63

What is it I'm seeking refuge from? What is it God is offering refuge from?

Scripture does not reveal a God who swoops in and takes away all the bad things. It shows us a God who swoops in and offers rest and protection in the midst of the battle. It shows us a God who empowers us to love and forgive others. It reveals a God whose mercy never runs out.

What does the Christian life look like when we realize we are putting our trust in something other than God? Is this normal? Yep. I contend none of us are doing it right all the time. Most of us are doing it wrong most of the time. So we need to repent. We need to go to Scripture, prayer, and find Godly counsel. He provides us with the resources we need. Plus He just keeps on forgiving us.

The Gospel includes all sorts of things that we don't expect. And it makes way more sense than all the things we thought we wanted.


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