005: Being Distracted During Advent

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Dec 03 2015 25 mins  

Anyone else?

So much to think about this month. So many expectations and loads of anticipation and plenty of pressure. Especially if you're the household manager.

It's hard to get focused. It's hard to even figure out, some days, what exactly this time of year IS anticipating. Here in the first week of Advent, lets do exactly that. I realized in the midst of my distractions, how perfectly Advent speaks to my issues. (Yes, I have issues. So do you!)

We launch the Advent season at our church with an Advent By Candlelight women's gathering. It's incredible. All these women come together as hostesses, decorators, bakers, performers, singers, guests... creating a sisterhood that most of us relish. This year part of the program was a skit called The Advent Wreath (which can be found here). The skit included the following Scripture:

Malachi 3:1

Isaiah 60:1-3, 19

Luke 2:8-11

John 3:19-21

John 8:12

After the skit I wrapped it up with a short devotion. This podcast episode includes that recording.

Lots of distractions this month and lots of stress and anxiety too. Lots of humanity.

Which is exactly why we need Christ.

A good friend recently said, "I don't really have to worry because Jesus already beat Satan and that's the coolest thing." Jesus' journey on earth to do exactly that starts here in Advent. Let that comfort be one of the things that keeps you grounded this month!

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