52: Asking for Help

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Apr 09 2018 30 mins  

*This is definitely a gender-neutral episode!*

(also, I'm back to my prior graphic; which do you like better?)

Recording a podcast in my car! You do what you have to do. The more I do this the better it will get, I promise! #soundquality

This episode was born when I was speaking at a MOPS group recently. We started talking about how hard it is to ask for help and I realized how much this has been my experience. Then I had a lightbulb moment where I realized God made us that way on purpose. Which is not what I would have done if I were him. Actual thought:

"Wouldn't it be great if things were the way I wanted and I could do it all alone?"

Of course this is not a great idea, and so I had to do a podcast where we break this down some and look at the various aspects of asking for help and how/why it is so hard:

  • Accepting help
  • Prayer
  • Processing aloud
  • Allowing others to serve us
  • Complimentary talents mean we need each other


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