007: Jesus Doesn't Tap Out

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Jan 05 2016 28 mins  

First podcast of 2016! Woohoo!

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Here's my stab at new year talk....

  • I talk about my hate/love relationship with "resolutions," and how I like to label my new-year plans for the coming year.
  • Since everyone is talking about it, I have to mention a perspective on weight/fitness goals.
  • But what I'm really interested in are goals surrounding how we approach our Bible reading.
  • Which leads me to skim the surface on the topic of the two kinds of righteousness.

Referenced and Discussed:

My follow through problem - here's the blog post.

GotQuestions.org talks about a Christian perspective on weight loss and fitness. I'm not in love with their response, but there is some usefulness here.

Lamentations 3:1-24

Luke 15, parable of the lost sheep

Final thought, partially stolen from church liturgy this past Sunday -

Lord, help us be centered in your mercy and grace by way of your Word and Sacraments. Keep us there, Lord. Renew us in Word and Sacrament so we can continue to embrace your mercy and grace and can share that with the world around us through our vocations.