008: How Does Baptism Help?

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Jan 12 2016 31 mins  

I've been in and out of this lousy place for a while and it's gotten old. Today's podcast is about what my funk looks like, what solutions I've attempted or considered, and a few Scriptural things that have really helped. I've found myself clinging to a remembrance of my baptism at least once a day, and more when my self-esteem is completely in the pits.

Lots of resources referenced in this one, so here's the list:

I make reference to the last episode, so if this is your first time, here's an easy way to get to that.

Psalm 51 is a new fav of mine. I've been starting my day with it as a prayer and meditation. I quote the NASB version on the podcast, but I actually like the ESV better so that's the one I link to.

ScripturePrayer Journals

Luther's Morning Prayer - another good one for starting off the day. Check out the evening prayer while you're there.

In case you aren't Lutheran or you just aren't so sure how we are defining Baptism in this episode, here are two links. This one is video and this one is text.

Have mercy on me a sinner! also concerning the sign of the cross.

After I discuss how I've been clinging to my baptism, I talk about the intentions of my ministry. As I've tried to understand Lutheran theology, I've been pleasantly surprised at how satisfying it is. It really is accessible to those of us living in the real world who like to hold on to real things. God is one of those things and He makes His means of grace a real, physical thing for us too. This ties in nicely with baptism of course.

We end with the hymn God's Own Child I Gladly Say It, a recording I got here, from When Suffering Doesn't Stop (a blog by Megan Smith).

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