037: Thinking Out Loud: On Finding Your Limits, Shifting Social Media, #WellnessRealness, Building Structure, Wedding Planning, and More

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Sep 19 2017 36 mins  

Possibly the longest episode title ever - and it doesn't even scratch the surface. Taking a wee pause from The Recovery Myth miniseries right now to do some Thinking Out Loud:

-Wedding planning and how what people say it's like is actually NOT the case for me

-Figuring out your limitations so you don't crash and burn

-A Cheryl Strayed Q+A that changed the way I view the way I work

-My theory about the social media landscape shift

-Some real talk on the real wellness industry

-Tiny tweaks, tricks, and tips to create structure and reclaim your day

...and more!


- THE GOOD WORD: WANT's weekly newsletter/love note
- Cheryl Strayed: Love, Life and Lessons Learned in “Wild”
- Another interview series I binged on over the weekend (spoiler: Brené Brown interviewing Oprah, Liz Gilbert, etc)
- Instructor pal of mine whose classes I've been loving here in NYC: Gerren Liles, Andrew Slane, Mary Horne, Nikki Bucks, Sarah Girard
- Do Not Disturb on iPhone and Android

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