On Honoring Your Personality Type + Following Your Own Path with Astrologer Danielle Beinstein

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Sep 22 2015 52 mins  

Today's WANTcast guest is Danielle Beinstein, an LA-based Astrologer, meditation coach, spiritual counselor, and co-founder of the New Moon Circle in Venice Beach, CA, which gives women a sacred space to set intentions, form bonds, and heal their lives from the inside out (on the new moon of each month, of course).

I first met Danielle Beinstein at a cocktail party a few months ago, and by the end of the night we’d pretty much locked down our first friend date because I could just tell this was a woman I needed to have in my life . It was probably after she told me that she was, like me, an introvert usually confused for an extrovert AND an HSP, or a highly sensitive person.

For those of you who are thinking this might be getting a little too hippie dippie groovytime for you, I promise you, you’re in for a surprise. I am, admittedly, a little hippie dippie groovytime myself, but the reason I was drawn to Dani was…she’s got this intellectual, pragmatic, reason-based side of her that is able to boil down more esoteric matters to be incredibly accessible, relatable, and highly personal. Turns out, she has a crazy academic and business background, so something I really wanted to talk to her about was how this highly off-the-beaten path career took shape, when it was nothing that was anywhere where she thought she wanted to be her entire life.

In this episode, we talk about how to balance being an introvert with extroverted tendencies, adapting and protecting yourself as an HSP, or highly sensitive person, and Dani’s windy, highly untraditional path from living in Manhattan in a super competitive world to ending up in politics to finding her way into the entertainment industry, to trying out tech, to a degree in Spiritual Psychology (which I didn’t know was a thing) from university of Santa Monica and ”coming out of the astrology closet”, She also talks about following your heart, conscious friendships, and, my favorite, what the planets in your chart say about where you are in your own personal growth cycle which will NOT look like anyone else’s.

Bonus? Dani’s also giving away a copy of the New Moon Circle journal on the site! Head over there for all the details and some little teaser images which are absolutely stunning.

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