013: On Being Who You Truly Are with Jay Pryor

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Apr 26 2016 62 mins  
Jay Pryor is a life coach, speaker, corporate trainer, and author who inspires people to harness their power to create the lives of their dreams.

He works exclusively with women, and among other reasons, has a great reason why: he used to be one.
Jay was born as a female and transitioned to male in 2001 when he was in his 30s. The second I heard Jay's story and mission, I knew I had to get him on the WANTcast. You hopefully know I don't play favorites, but honestly, I've been telling everyone I know that this podcast is coming up, even the people who don't normally listen to podcasts - that's how important I think this episode is.
In this episode we talk in detail about Jay's experience transitioning, his reality show stint, and having a need to do more to help a cause without even knowing what that help looks like. We also talk about why Jay chooses to work specifically with women, being "hijacked" and how to get your brain back on track, the huge things holding women back, and so, so much more.

There's been a lot of press right now around the North Carolina restroom laws, which had not been passed yet when we scheduled this interview, but I'm so glad that Jay and I got a chance to talk about that, too.
This episode took me a while to edit, and not because I edited a lot of it. Just the opposite actually – I barely edited anything. But I found myself transfixed by it and having to go back because I wasn't in editor mode I was in listener mode. That's how good Jay is.


Show Notes:
Lean Inside
It Gets Better Project
Jay on Dance Moms
I Am Cait segment
Laverne Cox
Stone Butch Blues
North Carolina restroom laws
Kroger being awesome
Daniel Golman's Emotional Intelligence
Being Boss podcast w/ Jay

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