059: On Being Fully Yourself (No Matter WHAT) with author, speaker + photographer Karen Walrond

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Oct 19 2018 54 mins  

Author, speaker, photographer and blogger Karen Walrond is the kind of person you just want to know. You just want to soak in some of her light and magic, because maybe, JUST MAYBE, you can use it to help make your own. As someone who has worked extensively with Dove Real Beauty and as a leader in Brené Brown's Daring Way training, Karen is in the business of helping you shine your unique light, no matter WHAT the world throws at you or tells you you need to be.


In this episode we talk...

-Losing everything (yep, her entire house and all her belongings) in Hurricane Harvey and how she got through

-Having multiple career titles (she was an attorney!) and weaving them all together

-Fighting against beauty standards and a beauty industry that is highly unrealistic (and predominantly white, thin, and privileged)

-Adoption as a first choice, not a "backup plan," and creating a family based on your OWN values

...and so much more!


Show notes:
The Beauty Of Different
The Female Quotient
The Girls Lounge (recap on WANT)
Brené Brown
Daring Way


This is the FINAL interview of Season Three. Our finale will be a solo episode. Email me at [email protected] or find me on instagram @katiehorwitch to let me know your questions and topic suggestions to end this season STRONG