067: Rethinking Influence, Impact + Healing with Jessica Murnane

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Feb 14 2019 52 mins  

This ep should be subtitled "The Conversation That Gave Me A Vulnerability Hangover." And that's exactly why I love talking to Jessica - she's a pro at being kind, inclusive, AND pushing you to examine your beliefs and norms at the same time.

Jessica Murnane is an author, women's health advocate, host of the One Part Podcast, and founder of endometriosis awareness platform Know Your Endo AND One Part Plant, a movement that's all about eating one plant-based meal a day to make a big difference from small changes.

In this episode Jessica and I talk about depression, moving through mental and physical health struggles (especially in our "sharing" culture), her endometriosis advocacy, being an influencer vs having influence, fitting in with the other people in your industry, how the new-age wellness industry can step up their game and how YOU can be a part of that, and - my favorite - making change happen and creating impact out there in the world, FAR from the online space.

Show Notes:
|| Jessica Murnane + One Part Plant || One Part Podcast || Know Your Endo (sign up for the course here!) || The WANTcast, Episode 010: On Letting Go Of The Life Weight || WANTcast 028: On Fixing Others, Food Issues, Forgiveness + Feeling Fly As F**k (No Matter What) || Dr. Aviva Rohm on the One Part Podcast ||

Every season, we'll be spotlighting an organization that's making strides when it comes to making shift happen. This season, we're proud to support She's The First, an award-winning non-profit organization that fights gender inequality through education. To learn more, go to shesthefirst.org