075: Living Your Best Life + Getting Healthier Together with Liz Moody

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Apr 28 2019 51 mins  

Today's guest is a leading voice in the wellness industry that champions the kind of wellness we should all be striving for: the kind that's got a BACKBONE. Liz Moody is a writer, editor, host of the Healthier Together podcast, recipe developer, and the author of two healthy cookbooks: Healthier Together and Glow Pops. She's a fierce advocate for mental health and emotional intelligence, a fiction enthusiast who encourages you to not only embrace the power of your imagination but also experience stories that AREN'T like your own, and a firm believer that community and connection are at the heart of living a life that's truly lived well.

In this episode we tackle mental health and how anxiety might show up for you, chasing your dreams, nurturing healthy relationships, why community is an integral part of wellness, what it actually means to "live your best life," real vs pseudo inspiration on the internet and beyond, and more.


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