On Showing Up + Throwing Down w/ Producer Komal Minhas of Dream, Girl

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Feb 02 2016 61 mins  

Episode NINE!

Today's guest is Komal Minhas: an Indo-Canadian film producer, writer, and investor. She has been deeply committed to improving the lives of women and girls globally, and champions this work with her continued investments and work in film and storytelling through her company KoMedia Inc. Most recently, Komal's been working as producer and co-founder of Dream, Girl.

Dream, Girl tells the inspiring stories of female entrepreneurs and CEOs in order to empower the next generation of girl bosses to dream bigger. The Dream, Girl movement was brought to life by director Erin Bagwell, and close to 2,000 backers on Kickstarter, with $100k pledged. This is the kind of documentary we SO NEED right now.

The film is set to release in the spring of 2016, but the amount of momentum behind this film right now is absolutely extraordinary. To some people it might make more sense to run this closer to the film, but I wanted to give you a first look so you can get on the action before it hits big and trust me, IT WILL HIT BIG.

Komal is taking the Dream, Girl movement and its feminist message global to empower more women and girls to dream big in business, media, and beyond.

In this episode, we talk about the sort of feminist renaissance we’re having at the moment and why this point in time matters, going big and making your dream your reality, the health challenge Komal’s been facing in the mist of producing this dream project and how to take care of yourself when things get tough, mentorship, being ballsy – and maybe my favorite part of this episode, making friends as an adult and the power of female friendships.

She is beautiful, inside and out, and even though this was literally our VERY first time talking, I already feel like I have a new friend. And I feel like that’s part of Komal’s magic – her magnetism, enthusiasm, and inclusive personality combined with this drive you can just feel.