056: On Owning Your Awesome with Tricia Huffman of Your Joyologist

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Sep 07 2018 56 mins  

Tricia Huffman's been in the business of real-deal feel-good since way before social media was a thing. And here's what I love most about her: she's all about the rogue affirmations. Most people in the feel-good biz will shower their people with "You Are Beautiful"s and "Abundance Is Yours"s and say see ya. But Tricia? She digs deeper.

Tricia Huffman, aka Your Joyologist, is on a mission to inspire you to truly live YOUR life and love yourself through all the ups and downs and curve balls life throws us. While living out her first dream as touring sound engineer she saw that everyone, including the people we think “have it all” don’t feel fulfilled. So she first created her Joyology to keep artists healthy, ground and inspired in body and mind while on tour. She got off the road to make space to become a mother and create her affirmation based product line. She is now a mom of two little girls and works with everyone from Grammy Award winning artists to stay at home moms, to become and commit to the person they know they are capable of being deep down and keep them in integrity with who they want to be in the world, for themselves, and for their families.

While this coversation starts with a little bit of a venting session on both our parts, I decided to keep it in because I think it's a GREAT example of productive venting, which is quite different from aimless complaining.
Bitching about social media is becoming a "thing" ON social media (lol, the irony), however a lot of what I read simply talks about how annoying and tiring it all is...and places blame on everyone else for the rules we're supposed to follow.

But really...who tells us we are "supposed" to follow them? Nope, no one but ourselves. Which leads me to my absolute FAVORITE part of this interview with Tricia: where we dive in and dig deep about how to distance ourselves from our need for validation, and how to take accountability and responsibility even when we feel something is entirely someone else's fault. Tricia knows how it feels to be resistant, and she knows what it means to OWN YOUR AWESOME. But she didn't get there without getting real with herself and examining what was actually getting in her way.

Take a listen and let me know what you think!

***we do use a good deal of salty language in this episode***


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Your Joyologist
Own Your Awesome app
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

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