BONUS- Lisa Gajda, Move On - Part 2

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Oct 24 2020 43 mins  
Having appeared in 18 Broadway Shows and received the Legacy Robe 6 times, an honor most ensemble members never receive even once, this weeks guest, Lisa Gajda, is a legend in our industry. She joined us both before Covid-19 and after to share not only her incredible journey to motherhood, but how she transitioned out of the business to become a therapist. Not surprisingly, our conversations turned into therapy for the two of us dealing with aging in the business, carrying our identity as mothers who are also viable artists in our community, and when and how you know it’s time (or not) to move on. Here is Part Two, our catch up with Lisa, 8 months later.... Find more info about the podcast via Produced by Dori Berinstein and Alan Seales. Edited by Derek Gunther. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit