#25 - Amy Wilson, The Great Pause

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May 11 2020 55 mins  
Actress, writer, and co-host of the award winning podcast “What Fresh Hell: Laughing in the Face of Motherhood” Amy Wilson joins us to share her experience self-isolating with older children, trying to keep them fed, and protecting them from the fear of this pandemic. We also revisit the “pause” that becoming a mother forces us to take and how much it has in common with this global experience we are having, forcing us to take a moment away from work, grappling with the unknown, knowing that when we do return, it won’t be the same, that we will be forever changed...just like becoming a mother. Find more info about the podcast via BroadwayPodcastNetwork.com/mamas. Produced by Dori Berinstein and Alan Seales. Edited by Derek Gunther. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices