Sasha Shilko: Tech Burnout, Dealing with Anxiety, Sabbaticals

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Jun 01 2020 60 mins  

In this episode, Sasha tells us her story about working in San Francisco at a “sexy” tech company and living the life she dreamt of as a child. As she recalls her experiences, Sasha shares both the good and the bad. She also talks about navigating the high-performing tech culture, understanding the concept of “golden handcuffs,” and dealing with immense burnout. We discuss the moments that lead her to make a pivot and the aftermath of her decisions.

About Sash Shilko
Sasha has worked at Bain & Company, a management consulting firm, and Lime, a micromobility startup. She's currently launching her own startup, which believes in surfacing information you need from a community you can trust. The goal is to make the process of purchasing online better. You can access the beta at She published a popular article on Medium entitled “I Thought Silicon Valley Burnout Couldn’t Happen to Me, But Then It Did" and "Police Can No Longer Be Above The Law."