Escaping Poverty and Choosing Yourself to Build Wealth, with Melissa Strawn

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Jun 15 2020 42 mins  

In this episode, Melissa shares her story of living in poverty, getting pregnant at 16, and ultimately deciding to take control to create a more aligned life for herself. We discuss her evolution into a successful startup CEO and she tells us about how she overcomes systemic biases. We further discuss the way our society treats people who have unconventional pasts, and how we can do better collectively. 

About Melissa:
Melissa Strawn is a Seattle-area entrepreneur and mom to five sons. Melissa blogs at, where she shares her story about going from a teenage single mother living in poverty to a successful startup CEO of She believes that entrepreneurship should be accessible to all those who desire it as a career path and is committed to social institutional reform, eliminating poverty, and transforming the broken social services system.