Episode 13: Cynthia Barnes Shares Insights Into Enabling Women in Sales to Reach the Top 1%

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Jul 19 2020 23 mins  

Cynthia Barnes, CEO of NAWSP and Paul Butterfield, Instructure Revenue Enablement VP talk about the ways men and women sell differently and how Sales Enablement teams can be more effective through incorporating those different approaches into their programs.

●     How Sales Enablement can help nurture a culture of sales diversity
●     Some of the key differences in how women and men approach selling
●     Her biggest challenge with the work she is doing and how she’s overcoming it

Cynthia and NAWSP are on the front line of helping others to feel confident, empowered, and brave. Her insights and unique understanding of what it takes for women sales professionals to excel have made her a sought-after expert, having appeared in over 250 major media outlets around the nation – including appearances in the Wall Street Journal.