Joolz Guides host Julian McDonnell and Liam's Favorite History

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May 18 2020 37 mins  

In this episode we talk to YouTube celebrity Julian McDonnell, host of Joolz Guides, about his favorite bit of London history. I'll give you a hint: it has to do with one of the funnest royals. For our Kid Wisdom segment we talk to 9-year-old Liam from Denver, Colorado who tells us about his favorite history which has to do with the Unsinkable Molly Brown.


Joolz Guides website

Joolz Guides YouTube

Tom Carradine Vintage Pianist and Musical Director, often performs old time music for Joolz Guides videos.

Lil' Lost Lou Musician and Julian's sister, Lou is currently working on putting an EP together of music she's written for Joolz Guides. Some of the tunes are already available as downloads on all the usual iTunes / spotify etc, but do check out her website, her music is amazing.

Liam's Drawings As promised! Here are some of Liam's amazing artwork.

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