Author Laurie Marr Wasmund Talks about the American West, WWI and Colorado Hero Philip Van Cise

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Aug 11 2020 52 mins  

Our guest today is author Laurie Marr Wasmund. Laurie loves the American West and has written five novels having ties to it including My Heart Lies Here, A Novel of the Ludlow Massacre; Clean Cut, A Romance of the Western Heart; and three books in the White Winter Trilogy, To Do Justice, To Love Kindness and To Walk Humbly, which chronicle America's involvement in the First World War and the aftermath in the 1920’s.

Today Laurie talks about her favorite history which is anchored in turn of the century Colorado, WWI and the taking down of the infamous Denver Bunco Ring by Philip Van Cise who, it is believed, the award winning 1970's movie The Sting, starring Robert Redford and Paul Newman is based on.

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