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Apr 20 2020 9 mins  

It is done. Probably once you plug in the earphones, I have accomplished a long-awaited goal of mine: My own podcast

Seewald + Arts = SeeArts but the German word See = Lake is also the Ocean that I want us to dive into together and discover new sides of ourselves.

The podcast aims to build the co-creative bridge between arts & business.
In the quick intro session you get to know your host, me, Fabian Seewald and I take you towards my turning points from a Bavarian village to Mexico, where I experience the transformative nature of the arts. Community has been always a crucial part of my life and the global experiences when studying in the US or working in India gave me a rich insight but as well a broad perspective.
As passionate artist & creative but as well experienced-enough to put the business glasses on for impact, we are going to learn and grow together. My global network will be invited for interactive sessions and inspiring solos.

Jumping into an altered consciousness & Kickstarting the #SeeArts #Podcast

Gratitude is so crucial these days and
I am calling it as well #CoronaCreative as I have come to accomplish things that has been on my bucket list for a long time: from the crafting of a new children space with Benjamin Senske over having the longer conversation with dear friends that we have been to busy to before towards finally kickstarting my own Podcast - The SeeArts Podcast with beautiful episodes with Viktor Kee and Ariane Vera (official start on Friday 24th but sneak peak preview now)

I am sending this lifting power & igniting momentum around the globe to use this gifted pause to enter into a new consciousness - a consciousness for humanity and do the things that have been on the important but not urgent list of your life for the Earth.

Sometimes, we are the ones that jump, sometimes we can be the base to help someone else grow and finally, we are all shining together.

Together we can shape the future along with what works for our planet. Let us make it happen.

Right Here.
Right Now.

More information and the first gifts for you below how I sustain peak-mood and creativtiy in these challenging times:

Artist Network + Coaching + Experiantial Agency

Performing Arts Compagnie

Workshops & Co-Creation

Create your own Fusion (German Keynote)

Create your own Fusion (AI Monday Version)

Hacking Corona - by Juggling Philosopher

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