The SeeArts Podcast #4 Staying & Getting #CoronaCreative ๐Ÿฆ ๐Ÿ’ก

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May 20 2020 27 mins  

This is our premiere with an inspiration solo and it was fun to record.
In the flow of the talk we cover a wide variety of topics: From personal growth over rituals & routines to the needed organisational change and the power of exponentials today and in the future.
More than anything this episode is a call to action to share your creative stories, your moments of light from these challenging times and to foster our SeeArts community with a shared "homework"

So the idea of this #CoronaCreative Challenge would be that via social media & our Instagram Channel @SeeArtsNow you're sending me your thoughts & words of wisdom, your pictures and pieces of music, your favourite tracks, your poems, whatever & anything that has helped you to not just survive but thrive during the Pandemic and we try to create a Collective Corona Creative piece together, I will put some creative sparks as well around that and I would love to do rather create a spiral of positivity with this well artistic and creative work that we that we do together. The magic always happens to the power of collaboration.

A few bullet points and links to what you can expect:

-       Zooming in to zoom out

-        Global Connection Hack: Export your Facebook Birthday Calendar to your regular calendar and send short personal messages to these friends. Leveraging the power of community despite the closed borders

-       Establishing new (creative) routines and time frames for your creativity

-        Interrelationship of urgent + important 

-       The Power of Exponentials

-        WeQ โ€“ Pandemic of Collaboration against this exponential enemy

-        Going forward to work

-        Artistic Recording as my new way to HackCorona

-        Event Matrix Roadmap as Framework from the Corona Times over the Transition Phase to the new Normal and the Faster Future

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