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Jul 17 2020 15 mins  

In this episode I have three exciting topics for you

 a) #Kulturschutzgebiet
 b) The Year of Re.......
 c) The Arts as Saviour of Humanity (I know it is provocative)

a) We kickstart with a bit of a German lesson:
Kultur-Schutz-Gebiet literally translates into Cultural protected area or a cultural reserve and we are questioning what is a creative space for you? For me, I am see two major areas that we need to foster creativity: Zooming Out and getting inspired in open wide spaces where we can collect inspiration and then Zooming in and connecting the dots in a blackbox setting where we come focus, experiment, destruct and disrupt and prototype.
Ideation meets Realization
In the current situation the Arts & Culture need support as the produced pieces can't be shown in a typical setting with all cultural institutions still closed down or far-distanced from a new normal schedule
What are your creative spaces?

b) From Space into Time
Re translates into back or again in Latin. While I hope we are not going to far back, it is the time to re-flect, re-think, re-imagine and hopefully not re-gret too much but re-start and re-ignite our creative engines. What did you Re-________ in 2020 and how does this shape a possible future for you and your surrounding.

c) Arts as the Saviour

With the ongoing technological change, I am aware of possible concerns but I am still too optimistic that on the long run technology can provide as a human(e) free space to come back to our creative (artistic) heritage: Become creators and shapers again
With the Arts we have a great access point to the Flow state - this peak state of performance when we feel and perform our best. While technology is exponentially growing we have to ride the flow have to become exponentially human in order to create both on an individual but also a group and community level this awareness of the power of human connection & creation. And that is how I see the Arts saving Humanity.
Let us make it happen.

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This podcast was started in a #CoronaCreative experiment and wants to inspire you to connect with our inner child and the artist from within:

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