027. Women in Engineering - Molly Murphy

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Sep 04 2020 38 mins  

Molly Murphy talks with us about her passions in business.  Molly is the Senior Vice President of Eaton's Electrical Sector supporting North America. With such responsibility she is constantly trying to understanding the changing needs of the market. Molly shares about areas that others should consider when coming to industry and also the importance of building and caring for your personal network.  You'll instantly hear how genuine and caring Molly is throughout this conversation and see how her career has evolved to the areas she's responsible for currently. She opens up about areas she supports outside of work and why they are so near and dear to her heart. Also, if you've ever wondered the correct pronunciation of Gonzaga you don't want to miss this!!  Get ready to be inspired as you hear Molly's exciting story unfold. 

Guest: Molly Murphy - SVP North America Sales, Electrical Sector at Eaton
Host: Chris Grainger.
Executive Producer: Adam Sheets.
Audio Engineer: Luke Yntema.