062. Power Series - Coordination Study

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Jan 06 2021 18 mins  

A great way to enhance safety and reliability in an electrical system is by performing a coordination study.  In this episode Kareem Josephs explains what a coordination study is and how it can positively impact end users. 

Picture in your mind a set of dominoes.  For each domino to fall the previous one has to "trip" and then causes the next action to occur.  This happens all the way thru the setup to the last domino which ultimately falls.  A coordination study evaluates an electrical system to ensure you have the right size dominoes and also that they are properly designed in the system to trip when the proper criteria occurs.  Hence you don't start a line of dominoes off half way thru - well maybe if your younger sibling set them up but we digress.

We've all experienced the frustration of nuisance tripping of loads and cranking up the setpoint may be a short term fix but that could open up a larger problem in the future.  Kareem does a fantastic job of explaining the importance of a coordination study and why they are important for industry in the future.

Guest: Kareem Josephs, Lead Power Systems Engineer
Host: Chris Grainger
Executive Producer: Adam Sheets