061. Power Series - How close can I get to my electrical gear?

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Jan 05 2021 18 mins  

Entering an electrical room can be unsettling for those new to industry.  How do you keep yourself safe in these environments?  Dan Leeman is an expert in this space and walks thru practical ways you can ensure a safe engagement with electrical gear.  Dan reviews how being proactive with visual inspections will give tons of data that you can act on.  He unpacks terms such as limited approach and restricted approach boundary which define the safe distances that personnel can engage by each piece of equipment. 

There are different restrictions also depending on if the person is qualified or unqualified.  Dan explains the differences and for anyone that ever has to enter these areas this is important knowledge to have.  Most of all he explains why it is everyone's personal responsibility to keep themselves safe and understanding the environment in an electrical room is key to success. 

For our heroes in industry who engage with this equipment regularly stay safe and share your knowledge with others - it could save their life.

Guest: Dan Leeman - District Services Manager at Eaton
Host: Chris Grainger
Executive Producer: Adam Sheets