066. Idea - Defining Digital Transformation for Manufacturing

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Jan 13 2021 26 mins  

Companies that embrace digital transformation will be able to attract great talent in the future.  That in itself should be enough to get everyone on the train.  In this episode Tessa Myers unpacks how companies can begin a digital transformation journey that leads to success.  This topic can be confusing and knowing where to get started is tricky.  Tessa gives examples to consider around some of the new technologies that are developing and how to use this newly available data can improve manufacturing.  With analytics and predictive algorithms available companies are making huge leaps and bounds in improvements.  She expands how digital transformation can impact areas such as maintenance.  The days of time based maintenance can be behind us when new technologies are embraced. 

Think Big & Act Small - great advice from Tessa on how to begin a digital transformation journey in manufacturing.  Focusing on the scalable opportunities that will yield large improvement across the board even if they start in a small way.  She gives examples on how this can work and practical ways others can begin journey.  Before beginning your digital transformation voyage don't miss what Tessa shares as it will put you on the path to success in the future. 

Guest:  Tessa Myers - Global Vice President, Software & Control at Rockwell Automation
Host: Chris Grainger
Executive Producer: Adam Sheets