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Jul 07 2020 31 mins  

Creativity through the lens of a musician

"The only thing I know is I don't"

I'm Wil Snyder and... I Are Wil! A multi-instrumentalist from Denver, CO. Ever since I got sober 4 years ago in Jan 2016, I've been pursuing my career in the music realm, which includes a lot of hats. I compose for, arrange for, and play in a diverse set of bands full time and spend pretty much any free time I have being creative in some form or fashion. I love passing along what I've learned, as is the mark of any true musician. I teach my self developed curriculum "Speaking the Language of Music" to private students and in group settings with roaring success stories of all ages and skillsets. So much so, I'm turning it into a book and audiobook series right now!

Most importantly, I recently helped found a non-profit organization, Colorado Artists in Recovery https://www.coloradoartistsinrecovery.org/. We provide a safe haven for members of the recovery community to nurture their creativity and spirituality by way of free classes.

Website - www.iarewil.com
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/iarewil/
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/i.are.wil/
email - [email protected]