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Sep 29 2020 43 mins  

Creativity through the lens of a reiki master

"Creativity is showing up to your canvas, and being open to the options available."

Erika M. Schreck is a reiki master, tarot reader, shamanic practitioner, grief intuitive coach, Spiritual Warrior Advocate™ and numerologist through her business Turtle Healing Energy. Erika enjoys helping you create more ease in your life, and use tools and practices to experience more calm and joy. It’s part of her mission to bring more kindness, compassion, safety and presence to people, and she’s fueled by resilience and redemption that resulted from her own journey with challenges, losses and Dark Nights of the Soul. Erika believes that life is too short to be crabby and currently resides in Boulder, Colorado.

Facebook: facebook.com/TurtleHealingEnergy
Web: TurtleHealingEnergy.com
YouTube: youtube.com/ErikaMSchreck
Insta: @erika.m.schreck